Vaihto-oppilaana Suomessa

Suomeen saapuu joka vuosi vaihto-oppilaita ympäri maailman, myös Aasiasta. Hanson, joka saapui Suomeen elokuussa kertoo hieman Taiwanista ja siitä millaista Suomessa on tähän asti ollut:

Moi, my name is 范真銘(Fan Chen-Ming)! I am an exchange student from Taiwan , a country full of tradition cultures and technology. Have you ever heard HTC, Acer, ASUS ? They are all from Taiwan.

We speak traditional Chinese, we are very friendly, most of us are enthusiastic and kind. I nour culture we have lots of festivals and foods. When we are teenagers we spend almost all our life in school.

My expectations of Finland were that there are lots of technology things always surround you, nature, the education is great, their habits are good, they enjoy their life, they all love to learn, but infect some of them are not true, some Finnish will throw garbage everywhere, I thought I will love the forests (but no I don’t…), I thought the foods in Finland will be bad but it is fine for me!

The second day after I arrived Finland I had been told that there will be a party, and I had been excited about it , but it was a “formal” party. The first two weeks, everything looked so fine, then start to learn the new life style, new language(didn’t even know a word! Did they just say a word or a sentence?)

After couple of weeks, started to compare everything with Taiwan, was emotional for two months, the first three weeks was busy but after that ,felt bored. 2 months later I started to know how to arrange the time (what can I do!), hangout with friends , also start to be used to everything Finnish.

Actually I think there are not so many things are too different between Taiwan and Finland , but of course language, the style of house, system of education, festivals, and maybe the way they think. And the weather is not so cold as what I’ve thought, but still cold.

Hanson, Finland 2013-2014