What we do for you

Placement in a host family

 All of are students are placed in a host family that have been screened before. All of our host families have through a careful process been selected by us to ensure that the environment in the host family is suitable for an exchange student. 

Placement in a high school
We ensure that all of our exchange students have a place in a local High School close to your host family.

Soft Landing Camp
When arriving in Scandinavia you will have a week of ‘soft landing’ camp in Copenhagen full of activities as well as lectures and tutorials about the Scandinavian culture and your new language helping you to adapt to the culture as well as making friends.

Periodic reports to your home country
We will send periodic reports to your organization back home.

Local coordinator
You will have a contact relatively close to you that will is available if there are any problems; you can always call and contact your local coordinator.

All of our students coming to Scandinavia have to ensure that they have a valid insurance. Such insurance is available to buy from Explorius or contact your local organisation for information regarding insurance. 

The following you will need to organize for:
  • Return travel to your host family 
  • School materials (usually not expensive)
  • Pocket money (you will need money for personal expenses)
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