High School in Canada with Explorius

12:00 15/02/2023

Welcome to our webinar about high school in Canada! Sarah Chater will tell you everything that you need to know about becoming an exchange student in Canada. Join the webinar to find out which programs, schools and areas in Canada you can choose from. Sara will also share information about subjects, activities, local host families and talk about all the fun things that you can do in your free time as an exchange student in Canada!

Did you know you can choose where you want to study or which school you want to go to with our Select-program? Together we will find you the best possible high school experience! During the webinar, you can ask questions directly to Sarah. Of course, it is free and non-binding to attend a webinar and the meeting will be held in English. The webinar is held at 18:00 CEST which is 19:00 in Finland.

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